Brunswick Zone Mesa - 9/27/15

The event had 32 entries with 16 in the open division and 16 in the classified division. The players bowled on the 47ft PBA Scorpion oil pattern that yielded very low scores across the board. There were no classified division bowlers that averaged over 200 and Matt Jones your open division champion was the tournament high average for the 5 games of qualifying at 217 per game. Most of the players that scored well, played deep inside angles with the ball fading back into the pocket It was nice to see players of all skill levels do well as well as lefties and righties.

Both divisions did some moving around the final game of qualifying. The biggest move being Jonathan Ferrell bowling a huge 213 (yes that was huge based on the scoring pace) to go around Cliff Connors by only 1 pin to get to the #4 seed for match play. Unfortunately for him, that meant that he would have to square of against tournament leader, Matt Jones, in his first match. The other match in the open division was #2 seed Andrew Cain and #3 seed Dylan Taylor. Both matches put players that are considered to be among the best in the state against some other great players that are arguable underrated. Dylan and Jonathan are considered fairly straight players that sometimes can get overlooked for their lack of power in a sport that is rewarding power more and more. That doesn't stop them from continuing to cash and make match play on a regular basis whether the pattern is 47ft or 36ft. They are great examples that being mentally tough and extremely competitive "shot makers" is often more valuable than raw physical talent.

Matt was able to defeat Jonathan but Jonathan made him work for it. He was still alive going into the 10th frame. Matt needed to mark to shut him out and was able to do so. Andrew however had Dylan shut out mid-way through game 2, which meant that Andrew and Matt would be squaring off for the ACBA title.In the classified division, Ben Dewberry defeated Zack Huglin by a significat margin and Charlie Light defeated Dave Oliver in a much closer match. Charlie opened in the 10th frame to give Dave he chance to strike out to win in his match. However, he was unable to do so which meant that the Classified division would come down to Charlie Light and Ben Dewberry.

Both final match were very close. The first game there was only a two pin difference between Matt and Andrew with scores of 226 to 224. There was only a 11 pin difference between Charlie and Ben with scores of 145 and 156. Matt and Ben had the leads going into game 2. Matt was able to get keep the lead the game 2 and was able to shut Andrew out by the last few frames of game 2. Ben Dewberry however, wasn't able to. Charlie opened to give him an opportunity also, but Ben wasn't able to capitalize. Matt was able to get his 2nd title in only a few events bowled and this was Charlie's first win in the classified division.

Thanks to everyone that came out and we look forward to seeing you all at our event on October 18th at Glenfair Lanes! Also, don't forget about our weekly match play shoot out events at Brunswick Zone Mesa on Thursday nights at 9:45pm. See you all on the lanes!

Tournament Results: